Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 640

I spent a few hours today, wandering around the zoo by myself, shooting photographs, spending as much time in each exhibit as I wanted, and I loved it. It was peaceful. I was so lucky to get so many great captures of big cats today. Lions. Cheetahs. Tigers.

This is by far my standout favorite.

You may have noticed the new copyright symbol. I launched a facebook page, and will soon open an Etsy shop for my prints to be purchased, and later this year, a true offical website for my photography for potential clients. I ask, my dear friends and blog readers, that if it's not too much trouble, that you become a fan of my facebook page. It would mean an awful lot to me, and it might help me generate some real clients, even if you're not local to the Portland Area.

Okay, done with the begging now, haha. Hope you come say hello :)

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