Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 558

I always struggle at this time of year to take interesting photos, since when I get up, it's dark, and when I get home from work, it's dark.

I'm struggling not only to "just take a picture" but also to take something interesting. I'm trying to challenge myself, but I feel like my only photos that are really worth sharing or uploading are ones I've taken on weekends. I dunno. I ran into the same problem last year around this time. I know I need to just power through it. I want to keep doing this project for as long as I can, but I don't like seeing gaps in days (you'll notice a few from these past weeks, the days skip).

But I'm still here, I'm still looking and searching for those great shots. I think that if I stopped looking, I might not be as appreciative of the beauty around me. Even this simple shot I took on the side of the road on my drive home, I can appreciate the gorgeous skyskape.


KT said...

This is absolutely stunning, and the headlights from the cars just add to it and make it even better.
This is one of my favorite pictures so far. =D

Lolly Fab said...

Today I have been able to spend some time on Blogspot which I hadn't been able to do a lot lately (my old 'new' computer--a tablet) didn't let me access blogspot very easily and it DEFINITELY didn't allow me to upload photos. Now I have a new new computer (laptop) and am able to read and post. All that was said to tell you that I was able to spend some time on blogspot today and looked at your blog and noticed that you have really improved! The shots are really great! I'm proud of you!
P.S. I have left the point and shoot behind! I don't know where it falls in the spectrum of cameras, but yesterday I purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T3! YAY! It is a step up from the camera I had before now. I put a camera put on my Christmas so I hope I can--with reading and trial--get better, too!
Happy Sunday!
Loralee ;)

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