Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 519

My voice has returned, but I still feel pretty crummy. I went into work and struggled to do a few tasks (I set an outlook appointment for an upcoming meeting and re-scheduled it, twice, to the wrong location.) A few hours into my shift I used a disposable thermometer to take my temperature. It registered at 104 and I kinda panicked, there was no way it was that high, I felt sick 104 degree temperature sick!?
So, I did another temperature reading and it came out at 103... that was enough for everyone to encourage me to go home and rest, so that hopefully by the next day, I would feel better.

I hate calling in sick to work. I really do. I know I'm going to feel like crap regardless of where I am, so I might as well be at work, being productive. However this was a time where I could actually be spreading this virus to everyone else.

I still feel extremely guilty any time I call in sick, simply because I was raised that way (to be a hard worker). Even when I had walking pneumonia when I was 20, I had to basically be told by my doctor to stop going to school and work for a week to just freaking recover. I don't like being idle and doing nothing, even if my body needs to do that, you know?

Continued my "Lost" marathon with Boone and Anakin to snuggle and keep me company.

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SweetMelody said...

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