Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 451

We took our test this morning. 178 questions. I don't feel so great about it. I studied so hard and so long, it really disheartens me that I didn't do well on it.

However, once the test was over, several of us wanted to celebrate. I made friends with two out of town reps (Lauren and CJ), and got to know Sammy, who works in the same-ish department as I do, and the four of us decided to take a little trip to the beach.
Since Lauren and CJ don't live here, I wanted to stop at several view points so they could soak in as much of Oregon as they could. This is the view of Mt St. Helen's from highway 26.

Lauren, me, Sammy, and CJ at the beach. I'm going to miss these kids.  

Then we went to Old Chicago for my birthday dinner.

Thank you everyone for another fabulous birthday. I love you all! Mwah!!!

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