Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 419

I am sooo lame. Of course my wound would get infected. I'm sure it's because I didn't immediately wash it out, but yeah. Here's the scoop:

When I went to work today, I felt totally fine, but I was really really warm. Like, so warm I had the AC on in my car at 8am as I was driving to work, and it was 60 degrees outside. It got worse when I went into the office. I attributed it to the warm office (the temperature can be fickle sometimes) Since no one else was complaining though, I wondered if our med kit had some disposable thermometers, which it did! The Doc at urgent care told me to watch for a fever as it might be a sign of rabies, so I thought I should check it, just to get some peace of mind. The reading freaked me out though, 101.3.

I called my doctor and they said I should come in ASAP.

This is how I feel about being in the exam room. Bleh
So, I left work. I wanted to come back after my appointment, but they released me so late and the doctor said I should just chill out since the infection was obviously trying to work itself out.

The amount of time I had to spend in the exam room was insane. They put me in there at 11:20am, and I got released at like... 1pm?
I haaaaaaate missing work when it's unscheduled, but there's not much I could do :( Blah. Oh well, back tomorrow!

Anyway, the doc checked my wound, my temperature... he said that based on the heat the wound was giving off, the fact I had a high fever, and just the look of it, meant it was infected. Oh joy! I've got some intense antibiotics prescribed that I have to take for a week. I don't have rabies, which is what I was really freaked out about (they're not gonna have to take me out behind the corn crib and shoot me!).

Kind of a weird, discombobulated day.

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