Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 417

I was looking forward to an easy-going day today. I didn't have any plans, it was beautiful outside. So I woke up at 9am, loved the fact that I was able to sleep in, and Boone and I headed to the dog park for a morning of fun!

...Yeah, that didn't really happen though. Long story short, I ended up being bitten by a dog at the dog park this morning. I got between this dog when he wouldn't stop lunging at Boone.

Boone was over at his water dish, minding his own business, when this german shepard/lab(?) mix came up and wanted to drink out of it, too. Now, I don't allow this because this is how dog diseases are spread. This same dog had actually attacked a golden retriever about half an hour earlier, so I was watching it very carefully. I decided not to fuck with it given what I had seen earlier.

Boone stopped drinking and just kinda looked at the dog, wasn't growling, wasn't barking, but the german shepard didn't like something that either Boone or I did, and so he started attacking Boone. Boone doesn't back down from fights, so I pulled him away immediately, and he was fine and wasn't retaliating at all.

However the german shepard kept coming at Boone, and me. Probably for a good 30 seconds I stood, bent over, blocking this dog with my body to keep him away from Boone. The owner, did nothing until I started SCREAMING at him to take his dog away. His dog then jumped up, trying to lunge at Boone, and bit me instead!

It didn't really hurt, but holy crap did it bleed at lot! I was so high on adrenaline all I could think to do was to get the guy's name and phone number. I called the non emergency line after he left, after some patrons of the park told me that he had been there before with his dog, and that every time that dog causes trouble. I usually don't go to the park on Saturday morning's, at least not that early, so after talking with people, I figured it was probably smart to report it to the police. It's not so much that the dog attacked Boone, or me, honestly. I think the dogs probably would have worked it out themselves. But the fact that the owner stood there watching as I struggled and tried to separate his dog from mine, when his dog was deliberately causing the problem, that is not ok. Boone is not an aggressive dog, but he won't back down from a fight if someone starts one, which is why I'm always ready to jump in if something goes wrong. The fact that this man wasn't willing, or smart enough, to do the same, means he shouldn't be at the park.

I had to be talked into going to urgent care. The bite looked a lot worse than it felt (seriously). Although, by Noon, when a doctor finally saw me, my arm was pretty sore and the actual spot where skin had been broken was starting to burn pretty bad, so I was glad to have been checked out. My blood pressure was really high (they said it was on par with people who had been in car accidents/attacks/dog bites) so that wasn't great. Had to get a tetanus shot. They're gonna watch me for rabies. I really, really hope I don't need rabies shots. That will suck.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the gory pictures today. Part of having a photo a day blog is showing you what happens in my life every day. Most days are boring and I worry about finding something interesting to show you or photograph. Today it was more a battle of "this is kinda gross, do I really want to share it?" But this is as much a blog as it is a diary to document my life, so, yeah, that's why I opted to show them.

Don't you love the ridiculous bandage the urgent care put on me? hahah.

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Kat said...

Yikes! How awful! I'm gled the bite wan't worse, but still...scary experience, and something that could have been avoided if the other dog's owner had been responsible. Hope you heal up nicely, without frothing around the mouth ;)