Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 361

Boone's shopping for Vitamins at the local pet store before going to the park for play time!

So, obviously you all know Boone. The dog behind him is a boarder collie/blue heeler mix who I see frequently at the park. Her name I found out today is Pasha. Pasha never fetches a ball. Instead, she chases your dog, who is chasing a ball, and then runs back with your dog. She's such a cutie. Steph and I were probably tossing tennis balls around for nearly an hour, and Pasha was with us the entire time, her Dad watching off in the distance.

Eventually, when Pasha's dad wanted to leave, he called her, but she wouldn't come. She was having too much fun with us. So I walked with a tennis ball and Boone, over to the gate, and Pasha followed. I was hoping that her Dad could grab her and then take her home. No such luck. She is a squirlly little thing.

For the next 5-10 minutes I would estimate, the man would walk over to Pasha, try and grab her, and she'd run away. I'd try and help, but she did the same thing with me. Eventually, I very quietly and very sneakily walked up behind her, grabbed her collar and petted her, telling her what a good girl she was.... and then, much to the begrudgement of my sister, I picked Pasha up in my arms (this is a 40 pound dog by the way) and then handed her to her Dad. He said thank you, then carried her outside the park. Haha!

My sister thinks I shouldn't have picked her up. My reasoning for doing so was that I didn't want her to wiggle free of her collar and escape again... was I wrong to do this? The man seemed very appreciative of the help...? I dunno. I always second guess myself in awkward social situations like that.

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