Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 334

Happy April Fools Day! Did anyone get pranked today? We had an awesome one at work, someone got our department real good! They told us we were evacuating due to a chemical spill. Panic!! For about 5 seconds :)

Self portait day once again! I don't think I've really been doing this right. Most people who photograph themselves every month do it to document their physical changes throughout the year... as the year progressed, I just wanted to get artsy with mine, haahaha.

I got my hair back to brown... can you tell? I like it much better.


Katie said...

It's beautiful! My boyfriend tried pranking me, but he's not very slick :)


Dorian said...

Hi there!

I just found your blog the other day when I was searching for inspiration for my own picture a day blog...

I see that you're nearing the end, but I've skimmed over your last few weeks and I wanted to say that I love your photos! You posted a picture of your dog on Feb 6th that I simply adore!

Keep up the gorgeous work! :-)

Rachel said...

Thank you for the kind comments Dorian :)