Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 321

Book Club Meeting #9! I can't believe we've already read 9 books!

This month it was my turn to host. I love making and eating breakfast food, so I made the girls french toast, bacon, veggie sausages, and some fruit. It was delicious, if I do say so myself!
I don't like syrup, really, so I put powdered sugar on my french toast :)

We read The Art of Racing In the Rain which was a pretty decent book. It was overwhelmingly sad for the most part, but it was actually one of those books that redeemed itself in the last 30 pages or so. For that, I'm glad I kept reading.

Natalie making friends with Boone!

Jeff, you need to get your wife a dog. Maybe a labrador? Yes :)


Jennifer Thompson said...

Mmm, I love breakfast foods too! Sometimes we have breakfast for dinner, it's quick,easy and yummy!
Boone is so cute, i think he could sell anyone on a Lab.

Lolly Fab said...

hey Rachel,
will you email me at I'll email back and let you know what has been going on.
Thanks for caring!

Loralee :)