Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 315

Lunch at McMenamins Grand Lodge with my Mom, Laura, and Julia :)


Jennifer Thompson said...

Great blog, and fantasic photos. I just started my 365 journey this year, I see you are nearing the end of yours. Did you find it hard at times to keep going? I'm not ready to quit, I just find some days i'm not inspired and struggle to capture something.
Have a great day, Jen

Rachel said...

Thanka Jenn!

At times, yes, it was very hard to stay motivated and to find something INTERESTING to photograph. I think that's part of the challenge. If you go back through my archieves, you'll see days where I actually didn't photograph anything at all (mostly in June and July when I was suffering from a deep depression) and I actually regret doing that now... even if I had taken a picture of something simple around the house, at least the day would be documented.

I honestly can't believe I'm nearing the "end" of my project. Its's funny, you say you're not ready to quit... I'm not either. I don't know when I'll stop, but it certainly won't be at the 365 day marker :)