Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 292

You know how I mentioned I wasn't feeling good on Wednesday? Well the feeling just kept getting worse over the course of the week, and I woke up this morning and just felt horrid.

I woke up to my alarm and immediately knew I needed to take the day off and rest. My entire upper body was stiff, achy, and painful and I just felt lethargic and gross. I stayed awake long enough for my office to open, then I called in sick and immediately went to back bed. I ended up sleeping for 14 hours! I do not do that!! EVER! But, I guess I needed it. And Boone even let me sleep that long, which is weird, because he is very much on a schedule.

When I eventually got up, I made myself a healthy smoothie with lots of vitamins and fruits, and called it a day. I don't know exactly what this was. My eyes were itchy, my face was congested, and I just felt lethargic all day. It wasn't a typical cold or flu.

 I went to bed at 8pm! Yes, 8pm on a Friday night. I think I was only awake like 9 hours the whole day. I want to feel lazy, but I just didn't feel good! Hopefully the extra rest put me ahead and I'll be feeling better soon.

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Natalie said...

Our puppies know when we are not feeling well and need comforting. They are very instinctive that way :)