Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 279

I got my Nikon back today!!!!In case y'all haven't been keeping track, Boone helped me drop my Nikon D80 on the floor, and the wings inside the lense basically became disaligned and my pictures looked horrid. They were coming out something like this:

Blurry, over-exposed and yellow-toned. I took it to the only camera repair shop I could find. They had it for a month, when they originally quoted 5-7 business days, so that was super annoying, but I have a working semi-professional camera again, which is very important.

Before I took it out of the shop I had to make sure it worked, of course!

And then when I got it home, I played a bit in the backyard. Woohooo. Can't wait to take it somewhere serious like the zoo or the beach!

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