Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 278

My friends are awesome. They let me bring my playful little puppy over to their house so I could hang with them and play games, but also keep an eye on Boone.

He made himself right at home in one of their comfortable armchairs.

One of the restrictions of Boone's recovery is that he has to be confined to a small room or even locked in a kennell when no one is watching him. He's not allowed to play with any of the other dogs in our home for at least 4 weeks, possibly up to 12 weeks. I'm still working on a blog post about the day he had his surgery, whcih I haven't completed yet. It'll be posted under Day 271 and I should have that done by the end of the weekend. But anyway, getting back on track, Jeff and Natalie were kind enough to let me bring my 70 pound monster to their home. He behaved himself pretty well!
Cookin' Pizza

I took this from their backyard. Muwahahaha. I am spying on youuuuu!

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