Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 271

Boone's surgery is today. For those new to this blog, or those maybe not paying close attention, let me give you a quick re-cap:

My dog has a condition called osteochondritis in both of his shoulders. Basically, the cartilage in his shoulders didn't form correctly as he grew, and it formed in such a way that it was rubbing against the joint in his bone. This was causing him quite a bit of pain to walk and run, and it's not something a dog just grows out of, they need corrective surgery to fix it, or you can ignore it and condemn your dog to a lifetime of arthritis and pain

Even though I'm already swimming in debt from being unemployed for 5 months, I made the decision to have the $3,000 operation to correct Boone's condition. He does so much for me, and brings me so much love and joy, it wasn't really a decision at all.

We woke up at the same time I usually get up to go to work. Boone usually takes it easy while I shower and get ready, and this morning was no different. He was lounging around, taking up more than his fair share of the bed.

I didn't take any pictures when I dropped him off because I was too busy giving him loves. But I was told he would be the first surgery of the day, which is why we dropped him off so early (7:30am). When we got there they confirmed this, but they surprised me by saying he would have to stay overnight, which is standard procedure for major surgeries like this.

That was a surprise to me. The doctor had told me at our consultation that he would only have to stay overnight unless there was a complication. So when they changed their tune and said it was standard and they highly recommended I was not pleased by this, but I agreed as it was the best thing for him, to get that extra attention.

I cried as I walked to the car in the parking lot. I felt kinda silly, since it wasn't a death sentence, I was just spending 24 hours without my boy, but I was very emotional about the whole thing. It's a major surgery.

My mother was very sweet and took me out to breakfast.
She bought me a delicious hot cocoa.

The rest of the day was pretty crappy. I knew I wasn't going to see Boone until tomorrow, but I kept waiting for the vet to call and tell me how the surgery went. He was the first surgery of the day, so I was hoping I would get a call around noon. By 4pm, I hadn't heard anything and was starting to worry. Had he been in surgery over 8 hours? What was the deal? I called at 4:15 and asked for an update. They said the doctor was still in surgery but was almost done, and would call me in  20 minutes.

4:50, the phone rings and its Dr. Howard. He says the surgery went OK, that the condition in both of Boone's shoulders was pretty major and required quite a bit of scoping to correct, which surprised him. The surgery was about 3 hours long, and they had started surgery about 2pm because there were other surgeries before Boone. This confused me, because they said Boone would be first. I didn't question it, though.

Boone's recovery will be very intense. For at least two weeks, he needs heavy rest. No running, jumping, or playing. No socialization with the other dogs in the house. No up and down the stairs, no up and down off furniture (yeah right!). Full recovery will take 12 weeks. No walks, no jogs, no dog park (!) for nearly 3 months.

We'll cope with everything. I can lift my 70 pound baby and carry him up and down the stairs. As long as at the end of this, my dog can walk normally and be without pain, it will have all been worth it.

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Kat said...

Yikes, that's pretty major! Glad it's done and that he is healing (and happy, if a bit confused), best of luck keeping him restrained..!