Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 244

Now, I know I usually upload more than one photo a day. But the whole point of this project is to make sure that I am taking at LEAST one photo a day.

Today, as a little challenge to myself, I did something different. I took one photo, every hour from the time I woke up, until bedtime (now) to document my day.I have to say, today was especially fun because of the challenge. So, without further ado:

8:52am, right after I got up. This was early, considering when I went to bed last night.

9:30am: Lazy morning with Boone.

10:30am: They reopened this road after 6 months of closure. It wasn't worth the closure.

11:15am: walking in Orchard Park. It was 30 degrees and cold!

12:15pm: Boone crashes from our walk

1pm: The sun shines in Oregon. Sometimes.

2:00pm: Starting the installation process! Squee!

3pm: Mmm, apple cider! In a guiness glass, yes. I also drink milk out of it.

4pm, 1st of the month is self portait day, so, had to get this done sometime today :)

5pm: The photo on the left is of the sun setting, and the one on the right is my sister Stephanie, and her friend Ryan, coming back from a walk. I ran outside and shouted "It's a photo a day time!!" and snapped this photo. I think you can see the smile on Ryan's face.

6pm: My mother in her jewlers helm.

7pm: This thing is still going? Seriously?

8pm: Told you I used that glass for milk!

9pm: Of course, I wait all day, it finally finishes downloading and updating, and what happens? The login servers are down. fail.

10pm: I accidently took this while I was washing my face and getting ready for bed. . I kinda like how it turned out, haha. Goodnight everyone! I enjoyed sharing my day with you!

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Lolly Fab said...

What a great idea! I may have to try that idea out someday. :)