Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 240

"No matter how bad things get, remember, they can always get worse"

I love the above quote. It's always been really amusing to me. It's from one of my favorite movies, "Ever After." I reference this quote today, because I am past being angry, past being sad, and done moping about the run of luck I've had over the last 12 months because there's nothing else to do about it, but laugh. I lost my job and racked up credit card debt because of it, I discovered my (now ex) best friend of 3 years had been lying to me and taking advantage of me in the worst way possible, and then I crashed my Mini! What else are you going to throw at me, life? Bring it on. At this point, I don't really care anymore and it won't phase me. Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

What's my point in talking about this today, my dear followers? Today I got the bad news today from my Veterinarian that Boone does in fact have osteochondritis (a piece of cartilage broke off a joint and is now rubbing against the bone). However it's even worse than either of us suspected, he has it in BOTH of his front legs. So what else is there to do? I'm not saying I didn't cry slightly when I got the news, but life is too short to be so serious all the time. My dog will need orthopedic surgery that will likely cost thousands. Que sera, sera.

I love my vet, I've been seeing her for the last 15 years, and I trust her. She hugged me and wouldn't let me go when she had to put my 13 year old golden retriever, Angel down and I stood in front of her sobbing. She had been seeing Angel since she was a puppy and was there for arthritis, chronic pain, and eventually the cancer that took her away from me for good.  Boone is my replacement dog for Angel and he has exceeded every expectation I had for him. Angel was an amazing dog, a sweetheart, protective, and super smart, and Boone is all of these things and more. So when I got the news this morning, my heart sunk and I reluctantly told her that I wasn't sure I could pay for an orthopedic surgery that might cost thousands of dollars, and I asked her what the complications would be if I just let him live with a limp for awhile? She told me in a real no-nonsense way that I would be condemning Boone to a lifetime of arthritic pain within the next year, guaranteed. And again, I trust her, not only because I've known her so long and she's a no-nonsense kinda lady, but I can't go to her to have Boone's condition fixed, as she doesn't focus in orthopedics. She won't be making a dime off of this.

So he's going to need surgery. Very expensive orthopedic surgery, that I'm going to do, even though I'm already in debt. Why? Because I love this dog, he's my best friend and essentially my child, and I'd do anything to make sure he has a happy, healthy time on this earth.

My mother keeps telling me "it's just money, it's just money, don't worry about it." Which is hard when you have bills up to your eyeballs. But she's right. It's just money. Charge it. I'll have to work it off. It's not like I'm buying something frivolous, I'm paying so my dog, my best friend, can live a normal life... and WALK.

Whatever will be, will be.


LarryLilly said...

I am so sorry to hear about Boone.

Yeah, like your mom says, its just money, and if you dont spend it on him, then who? You?

OK, let me put it this way, he is darn well worth it. Just do it.

Rachel said...

Thanks Larry. I totally agree with you ,he's worth it. I started calling surgeons today for rough quotes, so I'm getting the ball rolling and hopefully I'll get him in surgery soon.

Kate said...

Hi Rachel! I have given you a Stylish Blog award, congrats! Stop bye my page today to come see it. Happy new year :)


Lazagabáster said...

Happy New Year. I hope that in the next year is full of good times for you.