Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 238

Oh boy was I lazy today.
I didn't even bother to get dressed, which is something I haven't done since I was like, 5, probably. I've never spent all day in my pajamas. I'll tell you what, I needed it.

I fell asleep with Anakin (my cat) on my lap, and Boone resting on my feet while watching Doctor Who Series 5. I've NEVER fallen asleep in the middle of the day while watching TV. I'm usually too twitted out and focused on what I'm watching to let that happen, but it did! And it was good :)

I also re-watched the last episode of Lost. I think soon I'll need to re-watch that series from the beginning.

Might not be a hell of a lot worth blogging about today, but I just wanted to share my tale of wonderful relaxation, since I think we all need to take time to just chill out and have a day of not doing anything.

What are some of your favorite tv shows, folks?

1 comment:

Lolly Fab said...

Law and Order: SVU
Ghost Whisperer
Criminal Minds