Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 236

Today was pretty rough. Which is hard to say, because it's Christmas and I have a lot to be thankful for and I hate being negative, but it did. I had a really, really tough day.

I had an appointment at the vet today to get Boone's stitches removed, and to check out a limp he's got on his front right paw. He's been limping since the 13th, a few days after his surgery. He's running just fine, but he won't put any pressure on that leg at all. So the doc had a look at him, felt every bone in his leg, and when she got to his elbow/shoulder blade, we could tell that's where the pain was. She said it could be one of possibilities: 1: a spain, but very unlikely to be so since he's been limping for 2 weeks. 2: panosteitis, which is litterally "growing pains" (he gained 7 pounds in two weeks) and basically his bone has a hole in it because he grew too fast, or 3: Osteochondritis, which is when a piece of cartilage breaks off in a joint and starts rubbing against a bone. If it ends up being osteochondritis, that means Boone will have to undergo a very expensive orthopedic surgery, one that I can't really afford right now. I let Dr. Leddy take Boone away to the back room to get X-Rays done, and I went out to my car and cried.

She kept him for a few hours and X-Rayed him. She said she couldn't see anything in the X-Rays that was obviously pointing to osteochondritis, but she would have to send it out to be 100% sure. I'll find out on Tuesday the "official" diagnosis. At this point, I'm hoping for anything other than osteochondritis.

I just want him to be a healthy and normal dog. I have him on a special large breed puppy food to prevent this sort of thing from happening, and he's had no trauma, so I don't understand. He's a happy, normal, healthy puppy otherwise from his limp, and even then, the limp isn't slowing him down that much.

But, yeah, today was pretty stressful. Merry Christmas to me.

It got heaps better after dinner. The food was delicious, and I got a (somewhat) surprise visit from one of my best friends, Kyle.
One of the best turkey's I've ever had! VERY flavorful and moist! I guess a full stick of butter really helped...

The spread

Cookie making with Kyle!

I umm, precariously placed a full, brand new bag of Boone's food on one of our kitchen chairs. It then got windy, or something, in the kitchen, and it fell over. Kyle was a dear and helped me clean it up.

This was Kyle's sad reindeer. It was apparently in a hit and run :P BLOODY REINDEER.


Lolly Fab said...

I hope everything turns out well with Boone.
I'll have my pictures up from the last week in the next day or two!
Hope Christmas was great for y'all!

Loralee :)

LarryLilly said...

As far as Boones leg problems, our GSD (german shepard dog) had what was described as leg growth pains just like Boones. It affected her front legs, mainly the right side, she could run just fine on it but when she walked, she did so with a limp. She got it at about 3 months and it lasted until she was 10 months or so. She just turned a year and is fine now. When you would grasp your hand around the lower leg she would recoil with some mild discomfort, but its a growth thing and now that Boone is finsihing up his major growth spurt it should allow the muscles time to catch up with the bone growth.

And while I am not a vet, I did stay at a Holiday inn last night.

(No dogs were hurt in the making of this post)

He will be OK.