Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 223

Today was a pretty lazy Saturday. Boone got neutered yesterday, so I couldn't take him on a walk, jog, or to the park like I normally do, so instead I chilled out with him and made cookies!
This is my Dad helping my Mom make cookies this morning. He's never baked in his life. My Mom was in a rush to get her cookies done so she could leave for a tea she was going to this afternoon.  
My sweet cookie-making buddy. Can you see his sad little droopy eyes? I've had to keep him on tranquilizers because he wants to run and jump and play :(

This is what I would call a cookie failure. I was making chocolate florentine cookies and they all melded together. I had to chop them into squares with a knife.

See? they're all oddly shaped.

This was a milk chocolate/ white chocolate swirl cookie. The base is sugar cookies and chopped pistachios.

The florentine cookies tasted the best, though. First time I've ever made them, and they are YUMMY.


LarryLilly said...

I am surprised to see Boone without the no-lick collar they use on male dogs. Male dogs have an absession in licking their missing parts after getting fixed, so thats why they use the collar. Our wolf-dog bandit had his and he spent more time trying to get the collar off than trying to lick the stitches. Females, like our latest, Shadoe, do not, so when she was fixed, no collar, no problem.

Rachel said...

I suspect Boone will need a collar in a few days, when the stitches start itching, but so far he's been great with them. I put the cone on him the first night, just to be safe, but he's been just fine without one, and someone is always watching him, so if he starts at it, BOOM, he'll get the pretty pretty cone. hahah.

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