Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 216

I helped my Aunt Kathie get her Christmas tree set up, and put lights on it. She has a artifical tree, so it's quite a challenge to put it together.

She has 3 black labs herself, so I brought Boone to visit. Boone was the only one let in her sitting room. He longed for his new friends on the other side of the door.

This little ornament is older than I am, and most of the water from inside has either leaked or evaporated out! I thought it was rather cute and charming.

After helping my aunt, I went out to a local tree farm with my Dad to get our Christmas tree. The cloudscapes were amazing tonight.

This is our tree! It's really big!!!!

It was such an old/big tree, my Dad was having trouble with the saw. So we called the dude over with a chainsaw and had him cut it down! He remarked "I think this thing is getting dull..." even he had trouble with his chain saw cutting it down!

I love the place we go every year to get our tree, it's so scenic and cute, and they always have nice trees.

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