Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 210

I set up my Christmas Village!

I've been collecting Department 56 stuff since 2008. I allow myself to buy one house for my village, and maybe one or two accessories every year. That way I don't break my budget, and I can pick pieces I really truly want and will appreciate. I started with "The Polar Palace" which is the one that looks like an ice castle in the middle. Last year I splurged and I bought two new houses... because at the time, I could afford it. Plus I bought one on ebay, so that's sort of cheating. Two of my houses need new bulbs though :(

One of the accessories I bought this year, didn't go with my village. I bought Ralphie Parker "I got my decoder ring!" figure from the Christmas Story Village. Hey, he may not match the rest of my North Pole Village, but I'm collecting this stuff for me! I can make it whimsical and silly if I want.

This was the house I bought yesterday at Sleighbells. I love how these things look all lit up.

I also put some twinkle lights on the fake tree in my office. I'll probably get the rest of the decorations out next weekend :)

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LarryLilly said...


I saw the Department 56 reference, I had never heard of it and thought it was a take-off on Area 51 or something from the village of the damed.

Oh well.