Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 202

Booney running to the car. He's such a good boy.
I thought this was a fun shot to show how big he is compared to the car. I might eventually need to trade the Mini in for some sort of hybrid, cute SUV. I love that Mini though. We'll see how things play out. Right now Boone is comfy either in the passenger seat as my co-pilot, or laying in the back seat if I have a human companion.

The park I visit a few times a month with Boone had a good portion of the trail flooded out. I couldn't believe it! This bridge normally has a good 5 feet at LEAST from the bridge to the water. It hasn't even rained that much!!

Other parts of the trail were totally fine and didn't look like the water level had risen at all. It was really very weird.

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