Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 196

It was moving day for my friends Natalie and Jeff. They bought their first house! So a bunch of us headed over to help move their furniture and big ticket items.

Sam getting ready to throw the couch cusions over the balcony to her husband Aaron below.

Aaron's all ready to catch the cushions!

Sam didn't actually throw them, was just a joke! ;)

It's soooo cute! 

Also cute, is the kitten that lives across the street from their new house.

He kept coming over to us, and getting under Jeff's parents truck, or worse, the U-Haul. So after he tried that a couple of times, I just held him until the U-Haul left for another load from the old apartment. The kitty sure was sweet and loved being cuddled! He was really fidgety though!

Ah yes. An Oregon Beavers key now belongs to a household with a Duck graduate. Hilarious :)  

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