Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 184

Ooooh what a day.

Last night, Boone was BOUNCING off the walls. He was more hyper than I had ever seen him. I tried to take him to bed, but he just wasn't having it. Earlier that night, he had jumped up on the counter and had the most MINOR lick of bittersweet chocolate ever. I scolded him for counter surfing, but since he barely had a fingerful of chocolate from my estimate, I wasn't super worried about him aside from him being AMAZINGLY hyper.

Morning came around and Boone seemed okay, but he was very lethargic, his eyes were bloodshot from dehydration, and he was crying while trying to use the potty... (I'll spare you the details).

I spent my time before work rushing to eat breakfast, threw my hair in a pony tail, and just spent some time cuddling my puppy. He just didn't seem like himself, and it worried me.

So, I cried a bit before I left for work. I wrote a note to my mother giving her permission to use my credit card, which I left on the counter, if Boone got any worse and needed to be taken to the vet. I pulled myself together, applied some makeup in the car at stoplights, and got to work earlier than normal, surprisingly.

Unfortunately, though the tears had stopped, I still had a post-cry sniffle when I reached the office. My boss asked me if I was catching a cold, and I said "Oh, no, sorry...." and she asked if everything was OK, and unfortunately, I lost it. I know there are rules about crying at work. You just don't do it. Nice girls don't get the corner office, and all that jazz. I mean, this is different from making a mistake or crying because I didn't get a promotion, I was crying because I was worried about my baby. Boone IS my kid. But still. Crying isn't professional.

I can't exactly remember what was said next, but I'm pretty sure someone said something like "oh sweetie, why are you here?" I told them that I knew it was important for me to be present because I'm still a temp to hire, and I wanted to make sure I was putting forth every effort. I even tried to negotiate staying with my boss, saying I'd call my home at my break to see how Boone was doing, and she knew that was just silly and that I shouldn't be there, I should be taking care of my dog. She gave me a hug and sent me home. I was so overwhelmingly appreciative of her kindness and understanding. This showed me just how much this team, and this company CARES about their employees as people instead of just a number to answer calls or make a sale.

I went home and tried to get some fluids into Boone by making him play with his favorite toy... the hose. It worked, as weird as that sounds, hahahaha. He loves drinking from the hose and playing with the on/off spout.

The whites of his eyes started to clear up, and then he took a nap before our appointment with the vet.

We had to chill out in the waiting room for longer than normal, but this WAS a spur of the moment visit, and I was very appreciative that my vet was able to fit him in. I've been going to the same vet for 15 years. She's such a great woman. She was amazing when Angel, my golden retriever died last year, and she's been so supportive of Boone. I think she has a soft spot for him, she said today she wanted a black lab ;)

Boone got some medication for his tummy and an IV for fluids and we were sent on our way. Doc said he was going to be just fine! His tummy just needs to settle down, and he needs to go on a bland diet of chicken and rice for a few days.

 Every time something like this happens to Boone I flip-flop about whether or not I should just make his food from scratch at home, or keep him on Wellness. I asked this earlier, but does anyone have experience with home-made dog food, or know of websites that have recipes with well balanced meals? I want to spend about $70 a month on his food, which is what I'm spending now...I wonder if that's feasible...could make for some interesting blog posts :)

It turned in to an absolutely gorgeous fall day!


LarryLilly said...

The Blue buffalo line of dog food, pricy,has meat as the first and main ingediant is very good. It took us some time to get our GS to tolerate it. By tolerate it i need to add that she loved it, but it did give her the trots. So we blended it with royal canin at 50-50, then weened her to buffalo.

My wife who raised dogs in the past, used to boil a whole chicken, chunk raw carrots and can corn, with only water, no seasoning or salt, just like people food. She then would cut it up into pieces and just shread the meat. A few doggie vitamins and minerals for thoise trace items. But Royal canin breed specific food is good, and so is blue buffalo. They rate at A for blue and B for royal canin in doggie nutritional tests.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the suggestions Larry! I'll have to see how my pooch likes Blue Buffalo, I've heard of it before but had never talked to anyone who actually had their pets on it.