Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 195

All summer long, Randall and I kept talking about going on a hike at Silver Falls, but we kept putting it off either because we were busy, it was too hot, or the weather was crappy. We thought that this weekend was supposed to be decent weather. By decent we thought cold-ish and overcast, but not rainy. So today, we finally went on that hike.

Let me just say, that the high today in Silver Falls was a toasty 44 degrees, and about halfway through our hike, it started raining a pretty decent amount. Not down-pouring, but it was a nice Oregon drizzle. Our jackets, pants, even our shoes, were soaked.

Probably a mistake. But a fun one!! Randall and I both agreed we need to do much more of this in the future.

This is from the top viewpoint of the South Falls. This is a 177 foot tall waterfall, and the third tallest in this State Park. What's awesome about Silver Falls, is they have an 8.7 mile trail that goes around the park, that hits 10 waterfalls. The only problem? That trail goes along the "Canyon trail" which does not allow dogs.


I say jerks, because you KNOW we brought Booney dog along with us! We decided the only trail that seemed worth it, was the Rim Trail + the Upper North Falls trail, a 3 mile hike (6 miles round-trip) which avoids the dog prohibited trails.

The rim trail was pretty uneventful. The first .25 miles was all VERY steep and uphill and made me hate my life. You know, I've lost 70 pounds and I'm in the best shape of my life, but I still have a-ways to go before I'm done, and hiking that first bit of the trail made me really huff and puff!

The trail was mostly gravel and dirt, and it promised a view of the North Falls. Unfortunately, the view SUCKED. It was very far away, was hidden beneath thick fog, and wasn't exactly clearly marked, so it wasn't even worth taking a picture of.

We ended our hike on the .25 mile Upper Falls trail, which led us here, to a 65 feet tall waterfall. For being only 65 feet, it was still pretty powerful. We were already soaked to the bone, so we got as close as we could without actually getting in the water. Boone wanted to go swimming in it, though!

Look at how wet we are! I don't think my hair gets this wet in the shower! It was rainy and cold, but worth it!

I'm not sure what's going on here. Boone loved making friends with Randall. This was on our way back to the car. It felt so nice to get back to the Mini after our 6 mile trek, crank the heat up to 82 degrees, and drive on a beautiful country road home.
This was a random fountain in Mt. Angel. We made a special stop here for me to photograph it. It then took us 2.5 hours to get home because there was a nasty accident on highway 214, which made us loop back to I-5 and added a good 30 minutes to our return trip. I've gotta say, the conditions on the drive home were pretty scary. Raining, dark, and foggy. I was driving on hyper-alert! We made it home safely, of course.

It felt so nice to get home and relax in my PJ's, eat pizza, and hang out with my dog after such a wonderful day of adventure :)

All photos from today were taken with my Nikon D80

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Kat said...

Such beautiful pictures - sorry to hear that you got soaked, though!