Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 174

Days like today are what I thrive off of. Busy and adventerous, and spent with people I adore.

My Dad and I took Boone up to the lake to teach him how to swim. Lois came along, too.

Boone didn't really need much instruction or coaxing. I threw his favorite ball in the water and he dove right after it, brought it back to me, and encouraged me to throw it again! He loved it!

Yup. I have red hair now. I'm keeping it! The only problem with Hagg lake is how dang muddy it is. Even in the summer, the shore is always muddy and gross.

After that, Kari and I went and bought 100 pounds in pumpkins to bring them home for a carving party!

I love the sign in the back. Please lift carefully, pumpkins are heavy! Hahah.

I carved the headless horseman... the horse kinda looks like a dragon though, doesn't it?

From left to right: Mine, Kari's, Mom's, and Stephanie's. Technically these lit up pumpkin photos were taken after midnight, but I'm giving myself some liberty here ;)

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