Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 160

Today I went to visit my Aunt Judy over in Central Oregon, just to hang out and say hey.
The drive was knd of awful until I hit Sisters. It was raining so hard it was almost a washout. When I got to a spot where the rain had stopped, I got out at a viewpoint and snapped this picture. I loved the cloudscapes and mountains. So pretty.

We went "Ding Dong Ditching..." but a nice version of it. Instead of just ringing the doorbell and running away, in this case, you leave a box of hostess ding dongs at their door!

We attached this note, so people would know WHY they were getting a free box of ding dongs.
I didn't write this note, I took it from author John Green since his positive pranking note was so cute!

This was a few houses down from where my Aunt lives. These people really like Halloween, apparently...

Aunt Judy, and my cousin Kevin's girlfriend Jannette! The three of us had such a fun time Ding Dong Ditching/Positively Pranking!

This was the last house we ding dong ditched.

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