Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 150

Tonight was our...4th? Book club meeting. We read The Princess Bride this month. I liked it, but I didn't end up finishing it because a majority of it was a play by play of the movie, which is arguably more of a classic film than the book I just kinda lost interest. The parts that were different from the movie though, were great.

Sam pondering crepe batter.

She was so good to us and made CREPES!!!! They were delicious. I was really good and only had a salad and veggies for lunch so I knew I could splurge on dinner...

This was a peanut butter and nutella crepe. It was SO yummy. It made me quite happy all I had for lunch was a crapload of veggies, haha.

While we were discussing which book to read next month, we started talking about books we had already read in the club, and we brought up The Passage, which is what we read in August. Sam brought out her advanced reader copy of The Passage. It was printed on thinner paper and had a smaller binding, so it was like 25% smaller than the copy was all ended up with in stores. The advanced reader copy was SO much nicer to hold. I still have to say, when the sequel comes out, I freaking won't be reading that book at night. Nuh uh. No way.

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