Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 146

It was hot today!! We had a little bit of Indian Summer I guess!
Booney dog is my co-pilot. He kinda felt like my Chewbacca, riding around in the front seat all proper like.

When George Lucas was creating the concept of Star Wars, he came up with the idea for Chewbacca based on his malamute who would sit in the front seat of his car (a VW bug, I think) and at that position, he would be the same height as Lucas. So he thought it would be neat to make a dog/human character inspired after his dog. I've always liked that little behind the scenes trivia :)

Later I went to game night at Sam and Aarons! So much fun, and such good snacks! I tried a strongbow, which is a hard cider but isn't too sweet. It was actually REALLY good.
Basically a nutella cake which was made of deliciousness. Sam, you are an amazing baker!
These were a bit weird, they were Japanese... doobpeeedoobs? I forget the name.HAHAHA. They tasted like gumdrops, but without the sugar on the outside, and if gum drops tasted like sweet rice....

PANDEMIC! The game pieces are kept in petri dishes. So funny.

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