Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 138

On my way to work today, my car started talking to me. He lets me know when he's cold (it's icy outside) when he's thirsty (needs more washer fluid/gas/etc)...and today he let me know he had a fever....

Basically any time something goes wrong, the on board computer flashes pretty symbols at me that I'm not always clear on what they mean, and then makes angry booping sounds until I either can fix the problem or reset the computer.

Today wasn't a reset the computer kind of day.

Today was the day I found out how negligent the body shop was in my repairs.

On my morning commute, my Mini flashed a weird symbol at me. It looked like an upside down key that was on top of a couple of wavey lines. "Hrm, I wonder what that means?" I thought to myself. I finished driving to work, parked, then pulled out my manual.

Apparently, that's a thermometer. And my car was overheating. Honestly I didn't think toooooo much of it, because I thought that it was one of those things that happens to a car since it came back from the shop.

At lunch, I decided I would drive around a bit to see if it was just a one time fluke. Not only did the engine overheating light turn back on within 5 minutes, but immediately after that, I got a "check engine" light. I started to freak. I called my Mom and explained how mad I was, and she told me to just calm down and call the body shop, which I did.

I explained to the shop manager the warning lights that were on, and that also upon my return from lunch, I had turned off the car and it still sounded like it was still running. I didn't want to pop the hood because I was afraid it would be hot, but I did place my hand on it and THAT was pretty damn hot, which I also explained to him. The dude asked how far away from the shop I was and when I got off work, and he said I should bring it over when I finished work. I agreed, called my mother to tell her what was up, and then my mother called my Dad, who left work early to pick me up and follow me to the repair shop to make sure I made it there.

As soon as I got into the parking lot, my Dad told me that a part was dragging on the ground and he asked me to pop the hood.

It took my Dad all of about 30 seconds once the hood was popped, to see that the radiator hood hadn't been connected properly and that's the part that was dragging on the ground.

I was so angry I could have screamed. I was shaking I was so mad. Enraged. I was pretty mad when I had called at lunch, but this was it. I called the shop manager and got his voicemail. I had a raised voice but was trying to remain controlled, but I'm sure he could tell the absolute irritation and shock in my voice upon what my Dad had found. He called me back about 5 minutes later and said he was sending a tow truck and that they'd keep someone in the shop there late to figure out what went wrong, and to hopefully have it fixed by Monday. Once they figure out "what went wrong." Right. Why should I fucking trust you now, assholes?

To their credit, the manager himself drove out with the tow truck, with a loaner car on it, to pick my car up from my work parking lot. Which was also a challenge for them since, uh, I don't know the address to where I work, and it's not exactly clearly marked on the buildings. Yes, it was classy of them. And yes, the body of my car looks beautiful. But this minor part could have caused some MAJOR damage and ruined my engine, and it appears to have happened due to negligence.

I'm a girl, I'm not a mechanic, I didn't even think to look under the car to see if anything weird was going on there. Not to even mention the fact that the shop manager had told me to drive the car even though it was seriously overheating. I didn't think about how fucking STUPID that was until I got home and was talking the day out with my parents.

I just don't know. Getting my car back was supposed to be the symbol of everything going back on the upswing. But this is just a continuation of the bad things that keep going wrong in my life.

But hey, at least I'm not sad. I'm just fucking angry.


Anonymous said...

I understand how mad you were and you had every right to be mad. However, using the f word on Facebook and in your blog is not smart, cool or lady-like. If your new job looks at your Facebook they could decide to let you go and you don't want that to happen. I hope you will take this in the loving spirit it is being offered.

Rachel said...

I'd be a bit more inclined to take you seriously, had you signed your name. You're obviously one of my facebook friends (or a friend of a friend), otherwise you wouldn't have made reference to it, so who are you?

Even still, I do have privacy settings enabled so that those I don't wish to view links to my blog, don't have access to it (or anything else on my facebook, for that matter). This blog has nothing to do with my job or what I do, and makes no reference to them aside from mentioning I had been at work when this all played out.

This blog is a space for me to share my thoughts. Profanity ridden though they may be, they're still mine, and it's how I choose to express myself at times. Well educated, classy, and intelligent women can also swear. So while your comment is appreciated and I'll consider using less colorful language in the future, I feel that any employer who would let me go for my PERSONAL writing that has absolutely nothing to do with them, might not be a place I would want to work very long. Work is work, and you keep that separated from your life. Had I been slandering my workplace, that would absolutely be inappropriate, and your comments justified. Since that is not what happened and I would never dream of doing that, I should remind you that this is still my personal blog with my personal thoughts and photographs, and at this time, I don't feel the need to censor it.

James said...

I like how they had a problem with the "F" word, but not the "A" word :)

and about your reply rachel, i felt like i should stand up and put my hand on my heart or salute or something while i read it. bravo! :D

Rachel said...

Aww James, thank you for the support!!! I was trying to be strong with my wording and get my point across without offending my reader any more than I already had with my language they dissprove of.

Still miss you, friend, hope we can talk soon. *hugs*

LarryLilly said...

That pic almost qualifies as an upskirt.