Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 132

Game night at the Walker house! So much fun!!!! Thank you for having us over Jeff and Natalie!!

 Natalie made "super soft snickerdoodles" and Kyle and Sam were weirded out by them. I did not sample them, so I could not speak for their supposed weird texture.

 We started the night with a very interesting and fun game called Pandemic. It's a strategy game where everyone works together instead of against one another. I really liked it!

The board all set up, before we started playing.

She pulled two epidemic cards in a row!! That was bad. We eventually lost, and disease took over the world and everyone became virals....
This game was a bit more simple but also pretty fun. We lost this game, too.

Now this game, took a long time to explain and get going because I had never played before and I couldn't quite wrap my head around what to do. So I didn't really get it until we were all getting tired and crabby and just wanting to end the game. I've decided Settlers of Catan is worse than Monopoly in terms of friends turning against one another.

And you thought owning people with hotels on Marvin Gardens and Park Avenue was cutthroat. You cannot haz my sheep and grain! Build your own settlement!!


Jeff and Natalie said...

Awww Rachel... Settlers is a lot more fun than that, I promise. It's just not that fun when you start at game at like midnight and the game pretty much stalemates and everyone is getting tired. You should give it another chance, it will be more fun next time, I swear :)

Rachel said...

hahaha, I'll totally play it again! If for no other reason than I'll actually understand what's going on :) I'm sure it'll be way more fun next time!!