Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 131

Met up with Kyle for a fun dinner! He is such a serious driver! He was all dolled up, which I found very amusing for the type of resteraunt we ended up at :)

We are here! The big blue dot straddling Washington and Oregon! LOL

After dinner we came back to my place and watched "The Prestige." Kyle is one of those folks who can figure out the ending to a movie 15 minutes into it, and a lot of times that ruins the movie for him. He thought he had guessed the ending correctly, but for anyone who has seen The Prestige, there is more than one twist at the end... and Kyle didn't see it coming! I was so happy, that makes movies so much more fun.


LarryLilly said...

I am kind of like that, so my all time favorite movie was Usual Suspects. I have seen that many times since the first, and each time still see something new.

Rachel said...

I love movies like that, ones that you can watch again and again. Arrested Development is like that for me, each time I go through that series I find new jokes.

I've never seen The Usual Suspects since VH1'S "Best of the 90's" ruined the ending for me before I had a chance to see it. LOL.