Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 126

Today was both sad and awesome. Spent 2 hours at the gym, burning a ton of calories, climbed something like 75 "flights" of stairs and ran 2 miles, but it was also sad because it was my last training session with my personal trainer, Brandon, who I've been training with twice a week since June 2009!! =(

I'm so sad to be losing Brandon as a trainer, but really, it came at the right time. I can't afford personal training sessions anymore, and the reason he's not able to train me anymore is because he got promoted and basically had to say goodbye to all of his clients. He deserved this promotion months ago, so I am SO happy for him! I have 12 sessions left and will be doing them with a super nice gal named Jen, and I can't wait to blast through this plateu... but I'll talk about that more in tomorrow's blog =)

Then I spent a lot of the day running errands. After a yummy BBQ dinner with the fam, I made a S'more Pizza. I had been wanting to make one all summer, and I figured if I didn't do it on labor day weekend, I probably wouldn't attempt it until next summer.

The ingredients!

Melted chocolate and sweetened condensed milk

A crispy pizza crust and crumbled grahmn crackers...

Adding the chocolate. Should we treat this like a Rorschach test? What do you see?

I see an anchor in the middle, and two people, a woman on the left, and a man on the right, having an intense arguement. Now your turn! Tell me in comments!
The final baked and melted product! IT WAS DELICIOUS.


Pitti said...

Well, it's difficult to see anything in this (what does this tell you about me?) and finaly I saw two rabbits trying to kiss...

But in fact I see a nice idea and an interessting blog. I think from now on I will visit you more often! :)

(Sorry, I think my english isn't the best, but I hope, you understand, what I'm trying to say)

Greetings from sunny Germany!

Nelja said...

Hallo, this is NOT a pizza, this is a choccolate cake.
I see a goat in the right and a hippo in the left climbing on a mountain.
Regards! N.