Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 98

"If indeed the qualities such as love, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness are what happiness consists in, and if it is also true that compassion, defined as concern for others, is both the source and the fruit of these qualities, then the more we are compassionate, the more we provide for our own happiness."

This was the Dalai Lama's facebook status for today, and I loved it so much I wanted to post it here :) I've been thinking about selflessness and selfishness a lot lately, in reflection of the last few weeks, and I thought it was...fitting that His Holiness posted this message today.

I used to be someone with a big heart, a lot more selfless than I am now, and I've been reflecting a lot on where that person went. I think a huge part of it was that I spent a lot amount of my time with someone who was incredibly selfish, someone who let me pour a lot of time and affection into them, but I didn't get much in return. And all that time and energy it took was letting me take my focus off of people who were equally, or even more important than this person was, and I just didn't see it. This person took and took and took and didn't try very hard to give much back; but I think that was my problem, I should never have expected anything back. Not because this person was selfish and incapable of thinking about anything other than himself, but because I was doing it all for the wrong reasons, and doing too much of it; focusing too much of my love on one person. Someone who has continued to show me that they really didn't deserve it. They said they loved me, but words are empty without actions. Useless, empty words.

I want to get back to being that big hearted, selfless yet independent woman, who does things not to make herself feel good, but to make sure that those around her know they are loved and appreciated and are important without an agenda attached to it. I haven't been doing that for the last 2.5 years, and it's time to fix that.

"Spiritual practice involves, on the one hand, acting out of concern for others' well-being. On the other, it entails transforming ourselves so that we become more readily disposed to do so."

Okay, now for the actual photo of the day. You've been patient and read my ramblings:

A puppy and a baby. Yup. 3...2..1.... aww!

Taken with my Nikon D80

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