Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 118

A pretty picture of Charli (right) and Lois (left) enjoying the sunshine this morning.

Last night I kept trying to fall asleep, but Boone kept getting me up every half hour to be let out. It was not a fun night. He hasn't done that in....ever. Even when I first brought him home, the most I ever had to let him out was twice in one night. He finally fell asleep in the crook of my arm at 4:30am. I got up for my gym appointment at 9am, told my Mom about what happened, and she thought it best I take him to the vet. So we did.

We spent a lot of the day there. They eventually determined he has colitis (I’ll spare you the yucky details) either from a parasite (like worms, which I doubt, he's gone through deworming 3 times) or from something he ate which upset him. Either way, the vet put a weird little IV thing under his skin for hydration which will dissolve in a couple of days, but at first he looked like a sad little hunchback. He also got a round of antibiotics, and he's got an appointment on Tuesday with our normal vet. We had to take him to a different vet as ours was out of the office today.

Personal information has been blurred for safety reasons, I hope you understand :)

Does anyone know about feeding your dog natural, real food as opposed to kibble? I've been trying to find stuff online for hours and all I'm finding is raw diet information. I'm not entirely sure RAW is the route I want to take, but I would like some more information. The vet insisted I feed Boone nothing but boiled chicken and rice for the next week or so, while his stomach settles down. The dog is now eating as well as I do (although I of course eat my fruits and veggies).

When we got home, we spent a few hours reading Mockingjay. By we, I mean I read it and Boone cuddled me. First on the couch, then outside on the back deck, where I snapped this interesting photo. I was playing around with the sepia filter. Not sure I like it.


Kat said...

This lady (provided the URL works...) writes quite a lot about natural and raw feeding, with lots of links, maybe you'll find something useful there if you scroll around a bit (even if you don't there are heaps of amazing photos on her blog!)

Rachel said...

Thanks Kat, I'll have a look!