Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 117

Why does peeing in a cup feel like such a violation?

Maybe because I've never done drugs in my life (never even touched a cigarette) and I just feel like my personality should radiate what a good, wholesome person I am. Hahaha. Shouldn't that be enough? I'm kidding of course. I know the importance of drug screening. I don't mind the idea of having a drug test done because I have nothing to hide, but once asked to do it I just feel disgruntled.

Does that make sense?
Boone was super fascinated with the bees today. I was worried he was going to get stung. Make sure you look at this one close up!

Got everything set up with the new company today. Waiting for my background check to go through, and to hear my start date. I'm nervous and excited. Not about the background check, again, I have nothing to hide, just nervous about starting a new job and the uncertainty of it all. I hope it works out. I had lost sight of my dreams and goals for so long, and to now have them back in place, I want things to go as smoothly as possible.

Went out to dinner with Stephanie, Kari, Keely, and her boyfriend Michael. Our waiter was so nice. A bit over the top, but I just assumed he was an actor or something who was putting himself through school waiting tables. I made sure to leave him a bigger tip than I normally would.

Stephanie was turning the Red Robin into a Blue Jay... she only had two crayons to pick from and she decided to use her imagination.

We wrote a little impromptu story on one of our napkins. I knew there was a reason I carried around so many glitter pens in my purse.

I had a giggle fit somewhere between my dinner and my milkshake. Why do people always tell me I laugh too much? That I laugh too heartily? Is that a bad thing, that I find things amusing and that I try and take joy in whatever I can? (you know, as long as it's not offensive or someone being hurt or something) I think I've earned a bit of joy, and I wont let anyone stifle me.