Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 116

Sometimes I think I should write a book about all the weird and wonderful stuff that happens to me.

But then I suppose that's why I have this blog.

Yesterday I mentioned I had a job interview. I sent in my resume to this company at 8pm on Monday night via email. They called me Tuesday at 2pm saying they wanted to meet me for an interview on Thursday, and that they would be sending me directions to their office. Well, they never did send me that email. I didn't let that stop me, I honestly thought it was a test to see how internet savvy I was. I googled their location and planned my route, feeling very pleased with myself for my sleuthing skills.

So I show up at the building 25 minutes early. I read a few pages in my book while sitting in the car, and then decide I should go inside and check in. My appoint was for 2pm. You never want to be too early for a job interview, otherwise you'll just be seen as creepy. So at 1:45pm I thought it was safe to go inside the building and check in.

I introduce myself to the two receptionists and explain why I'm there. The one on the left tells me "Oh! The person you're supposed to be meeting is at our other location!" My heart sinks. Oh shit, oh shit, I think to myself. How will I make it there in time? Where is it? Oh shit, oh shit. The receptionist explains the other campus is merely one exit off the freeway, and is really quite close by. Then, the sweet thing, offers to print me a mapquest to the other office, and said she'd call the woman at the other office, to let her know that I was coming.

Both receptionists wished me luck (thank you!) as I exited the building. I immediately got on the freeway and made it to the other building with 5 minutes to spare. I wasn't on time; I was early. The people who interviewed me thought this was a great little anecdote and I think, were rather impressed.

The interview went well, and a few hours after I left their office, I received a call from the company offering me the job. It's temporary to hire (3 months) but the pay is good, the benefits are excellent (blows the shiny red movie place out of the water in that regard) and the people seem very nice and professional. The job itself sounds interesting, as the company sells and distributes implants for orthopaedic surgeons. I'll be processing orders and doing administrative assistant/customer service type work.

I'm excited.

Since I had the car (Mini is still in the hospital, borrowing my Mom's until further notice) I went to Powell's after my interview to buy myself a present for the interview going so well.

Oh Powell's, how I love you. I always spend too much money in here.
I already had my copy of Mockingjay, it's just on the top of the stack because I took it with me to my job interview. The clerk at Powells gave my little haul of items a strange look when I came up to the counter. I had a Henry David Thoreau bookmark, Harry Potter 2, The Princess Bride, and Steven Colbert's I am America. Sometimes I am quite pleased with my nerdy eclectic-ness(is that a word? I think I just made it up).

I was in the young adult section, and this little girl (maybe 12 or 13 years old) goes over to the shelves where copies of Mockingjay are piled high. She picks up a copy of Catching Fire first, then looks up, sees Mockingjay, gasps aloud, and picks it up. She seemed SO happy to have that book in her hands, it made me really happy to see a child get so excited about a book.   

Sort of like me, I guess. Man I look excited here, haha. And yes, that is a Hunger Games pendant. I told you... I am a nerd! I didn't make a huge amount of progress in Mockingjay. I enjoyed reading a few chapters outside this afternoon. Part of me doesn't want to finish it, because then the trilogy is over! But I need to know how it all ends up.

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