Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 71

I'm amazed at how selfish people can be. I include myself in this realization to an extent, but mostly I'm just so overwhelmed with sadness and anger I feel really hopeless, and the one person who could help me get over this faster, is refusing to. And for that I am amazed at selfishness.

I was horribly and terribly let down by someone who I made very important to me, though now when I need them the most they're showing me exactly how important I was to them. Not at all.
Talk to me or pay me back was my ultimatum. The person I presented it to decided to take the easy way out. I cried when I opened this letter. I'm crying now as I write this becsuse I just can't seem to get over my sadness.

Just so you know, Matt, in case you ever read this, it was never about the money. I needed something to hang onto and get angry over instead of being overwhelmed by sadness completely, and the money allowed me to do that.

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