Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 87

I had my job interview today. I applied for a receptionist position in a legal firm in downtown Portland a few weeks ago, and their office manager called me in for an interview. It's in an awesome building off of Burnside and the people seemed so nice!

I felt like the interview went well, however there was a bit of a problem. There were two jobs open, the receptionist position, which I applied for... and a position in their call center, which I did NOT apply for and the advertisement I responded to made NO mention of. They seemed to be pimping me for the call center job, mostly, and it seemed like the most boring and scripted position imaginable. There is a reason I am not applying for call center jobs...because I don't want one. That being said, if they offer me the receptionist job, I will take it in a heartbeat.

I took Barnes Road to Burnside into Portland since I left at 8:30am and didn't want to handle 26.
This was a cool cemetary on the way into town. I love the fog.
That's muh building, way off in the distance! The pretty and tall and golden one! Also, backwards Volvo sign :P

I got into Portland ridiculously early, like an hour before my appointment, so I went around the block to Starbucks and got a hot coccoa and read "The Passage" for about half an hour. We're reading it for book club.

This is where I had my interview, in their conference room. Office was on the 17th floor! Think happy thoughts for me... I really want the receptionist job!

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