Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 86

Took Boone to the vet today! He was so good in the car, and everyone at the vet loved him, of course.
What's not to love? Look at that little face. He was totally healthy and weighs 10.6 pounds already... more than Charli! I'm so excited to see how big he's going to get. His parents were both 60 pounds so I hope that's about where he ends up, but I won't be surprised if he ends up at 80 or more. He has big paws, man!

Steph and Kari and I went to Thai Orchid for dinner. The food was good but oh my god, I got so sick from this orange chicken. I hardly ever have bad reactions to food but this was not a good one. Ick.

So after dinner we all drove into Portland to scope out where my job interview was, and then after that we went to Voodoo. Love the signs in their parking lot.

Cute pink building... but there were so many nasty bugs on the inside... I was not impressed. Think I'll stick to the one near Burnside.

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