Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 82

First night and full day with the puppy completed successfully! I'm tired, because the puppy is a pillow hog and had to sleep on the SAME pillow I was resting my head on, so sleeping last night was a bit interesting, hahaha, but I'm still overjoyed that I have this little guy in my life.
This was the face that greeted me when I woke up this morning :)

After debating about names for several days, and getting opinions from every facebook friend possible and a little bit of soul searching from myself, I finally decided to name the puppy Leonardo (after the artist and zee actor, I admire them both). His real name is just going to be Leo, and again, he's already coming to that name, plus, I think it suits HIM better as opposed to just going along with the movie theme. I love the name Luke... but maybe for a kid, someday.

I had to hose off my good pair of running shoes, they had been covered in mud since May and it was finally time to take care of that. Leo LOVED the hose. I tried to keep him out of the water though because you're not supposed to get young puppies wet or bathe them until they're 10-12 weeks since they're more susceptible to colds.

Leo took a running leap at me since I was on the ground with my Nikon.

Frodo is really the most amazing cat. Leo decided his new favorite toy was Frodo's tail, and Frodo just sat there letting Leo do his puppy thing.

Annnnnnd I got a callback for a job interview! I haven't been able to set up the appointment yet as I'm playing phone tag with the recruiter at the law firm, but even still, to have a callback after months of nothing? So happy :)

"It's only once you've lost everything, that you're free to do anything..."

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