Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 61

Went out to dinner with Steph and Kari. Again I needed something fun to distract me and keep my mind off things. Plus it was fun to get dressed up semi-nicely. I like this picture of Stephanie, she's beautiful.
I had to throw this sweater away when we got home. It was 2 sizes to big and had a hole in it! I wore this at my heaviest weight, lol.
Stephanie is looking at Kari with such disgust!

Kari was very pleased with her drink.

This was the first night I actually felt like I could actually keep food down, and I did. So that was a plus. Losing 8 pounds in 7 days isn't the healthiest, but I just couldn't stomach food even though I was super hungry. Vicious cycle: I'm hungry, so I eat, then the stress makes me feel icky and throw up. Super. Hopefully past that now.

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