Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 43

Since it was so beautiful yesterday, I thought the warm, sunny weather would hold out a bit longer, and I asked Matty to come with me to the beach today to build a sandcastle and relax!

It actually turned out to be a really cold day, and by the end of the trip I could barely move my fingers, but there's nothing better than getting in a warm, dry car, cranking the heat up after playing in the cold Ocean with your best friend :)
Me giving Matt a sassy look as he gives the camera a...silly look? :)

The front of our sandcastle! It took us over 3 hours to make, but it was worth every grain of sand eaten and rubbed in our eyes, hahahaa.
The back of the castle. I'm pretty impressed with the stairs Matt carved.

A train silhouette in the den of Camp 18. Such a cute place, I'll always love going there.

An artsy shot of us in the den mirror. I had to fix the lighting to make it somewhat presentable and now I feel like it has that 70's feel to it like we were talking about, Matt, haha :)

These were all taken with my Nikon D80. Entire album is listed on facebook with 160 pictures if you would like to see the rest :)

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