Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 37

Went to yoga with Matt tonight! Then a calming, warm rain shower started coming down. It was nice :) I stole this from Matt's camera, he took this one.
Also, I'd like to show everyone where my stupid money goes: FOOD. I try to buy healthy/organic foods, and therefor my grocery bill is super expensive every week, and this is just for ME. So, everything I bought here... a steak, 4 chicken breasts, strawberries, fiber one bars, carrots and celery... aside from a loaf of bread that isn't shown, all of this cost me $50, and will only last me a week. The fiber one bars I stock up on so I won't need to buy those again for another week or two, and they are very expensive... but seriously. I know WHY healthy food is so expensive but it's just not right.

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