Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 30

Matt was a doll and took me to dinner at Henry's (yummy!) and then we went to a local stand-up mic night at a very strange little bar called Suki's. We had an old friend from work performing there. We didn't get to see him (I think we were late) but it was really fun anyway! We saw a car accident in the parking lot!! This was taken as we were circling the block trying to figure out where to park.
I thought this kid was the funniest, but he was freaking staring down Matt and me.

A window of someone's house that has a LOT of plants in it. This was taken at like 11:30 at night, as we were running back to the car.

I've decided that the 1st of every month I'm going to take a self portrait. Consider this a little project within a project.

Since I just made up the rules, Matt is featured in this month's self portrait ;) Also, hello new haircut. I got 10 inches taken off today.

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