Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 5

My desk. May it rest in pieces.

So... we've been redoing my office recently. The carpet is all pulled out and most of the furniture from it is stored away in our library. My monster of a desk had been pulled away from the wall, and most of the outlets. So things like my external hard drive, and my printer, weren't able to reach the wall. I decided, right after getting up this morning, to nudge one side of my desk closer to the wall.

In doing so, the middle partical board piece of my desk snapped in two and my desk collapsed beneath itself. Yes, my computer was on it. Yes, I am a moron.

Thankfully, the computer appears to be working just fine. I spent all day with Stephanie and Kari desk shopping, and finally found the right one. A solid oak, dark stained desk that I love.

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