Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 16

Carved a letterboxing stamp today. Matt and I are going to place several "Lost" themed letterboxes over the summer. We're going to place this one on Sunday when we go to OMSI. I hope we can find a decent hiding place!!

I would have used black ink to test it out, but I need to get to a craft store, right now the only ink pads I have are red and pink!

I wanted to start with the first Dharma logo we saw from the series... "the swan." The stamp is only 1.8x1.8 so it was too tiny to carve the letters in the logo. What do you think?


Matty B said...

OMG <3 good job!!! I looks great!

Rachel said...

I may have also carved "The Orchid" and "The Looking Glass" logos too...:)